Sociocracy 3.0 – practitioner 1

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Growing organisational Agility with Sociocracy 3.0 – practitioner level 1

Learn how to apply Sociocracy 3.0 to navigate complexity, raise engagement and introduce agility throughout the entire organisation!

Early bird price: €1585 if you apply at least one month before the course. 



Sociocracy 3.0 - or S3 in short - brings together an extensive collection of guidelines and practices. These practices respond to many organisational needs, including growing agile and responsive learning organisations, participatory decision making and more effective collaboration. 

You will learn the S3 principles and patterns and build competence applying them to respond to a diversity of typical organisational challenges. You will collaborate with others, discover new practices and develop useful skills you can take home and start using right away, regardless of your organisational context.

This course will help you to:

  • Understand the basic elements of S3: the concepts, principles, and a majority of patterns and their purpose.
  • Identify and communicate organisational needs, seize opportunities and learn how an entire organisation can improve its ability to consciously respond.
  • Co-create proposals, effectively make and evolve decisions in rapid learning cycles and guide others to do so, using patterns from S3.
  • More effectively distribute and organise work, foster engagement and self-responsibility, and improve meeting effectiveness.
  • Evolve fit-for-purpose organisational structure, reduce waste and maximise value creation throughout the entire system.
  • Identify specific patterns and practices you can use right away to respond to organisational challenges you face.


You can benefit from the KMO-portefeuille subsidy for this course. If you want to request KMO-portefeuille, make sure to indicate this clearly in the 'Remarks' field when registering for this course. 

If you wish to participate in this course and the fee is beyond your means or the value you place on it, please contact us to explore how your attendance may still be possible. We wish to ensure that cost is no barrier to attending Sociocracy 3.0 courses.

Target audience

This course is for:

  • Leaders and managers.
  • Organizational change agents, consultants and HR.
  • Agile coaches, Project Managers and Scrum Masters.
  • Anyone interested in exploring ways of improving self-organisation and distributed / decentralised leadership
  • Those interested in new trends in organisational development like, Reinventing Organisations, Teal, Holacracy etc. 


3 days

Prix par participant

1985 EUR
Tailor-made training
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