About us

LEARNIA nv is a part of the Cronos Group and is the competence center specialised in trainings for an efficient use of standard software and personal skills trainings. Trainings for an efficient use:

  • of standard software
  • customized software or company specific themes
  • modern devices like tablets, phablets, laptops etc.

Personal skills trainings about

  • (digital) communication techniques in meetings, networking, presentations, social media, ...
  • leadership, coaching, strategies, project management and change management
  • time and stress management

Our mission

Lifelong learning is a must in this rapid changing society, also for the employees of companies and public sectors. With the proper guidance, companies can avoid employees from waisting time because of bad or insufficient knowledge of the software they work with on a daily basis or losing face and efficiency because of inappropriate personal behaviour.  
LEARNIA wants to introduce you the most efficient trainings and didactic methods in function of your specific contxt, so that your colleagues and organisation perform better.

Our team

The LEARNIA team consists of: