Working with macros in Excel

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In this training, you'll get familiar with insert macros of Excel, like Solver, Goal Seek, the display management, scenario management, and a lot more. You'll also learn to record, to simplement and to connect simple macros to buttons or menus. 


Using insert macros in Excel to manage formulae and functions

  • Working with the scenario management to display results of functions according to the change of a few parameters
  • Using Goal Seek for comparissons with one unknown
  • Using the data table to display the results of comparissons with two variables 
  • Using Solver for comparissons with more unknowns and parametered criteria 

Automatizing the import of (external) data

  • Importing .csv or other text files with the text wizard
  • Taking out the doubles in a database
  • Converting assembled texts to separate collumns

Display and print automatizations 

  • Working with display management to save complex displays
  • Working with prints of reports (2003) to save and print complex reports

Recording and managing own macros

  • Recording and implementing own macros
  • When to use a macro with/without related references
  • Assigning a button or menu position (2003) to a macro
  • Making a macro available in one file, or in general in Excel
  • Viewing the VBA code of a macro and implementing simple extensions 

Target audience

Each advanced Excel user who wants to automatize parts of his Excel task. 


Advanced users who already have sufficient experience with the normal functions in Excel.


1 day

Prix par participant

360 EUR


60 EUR
Tailor-made training
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