Visual Facilitation Essentials

Tailor-made training

Would you rather have a tailor-made training based on this course? Contact us and we will make it work.


Are you often part of meetings, workshops or trainings? Whether you are facilitating or participating, visualizing concepts, relationships and conclusions will help you and your colleagues to deepen understanding and memorization. Visually facilitating or taking visual notes will also boost creativity and stimulate conversations and focus. 

In this one day workshop, we will teach you how to create nice visuals and drawings. You will learn how to build and use them in your work and become a better trainer, meeting facilitator, coach or ScrumMaster. 

We will teach you easy but effective techniques to write and draw, to connect ideas and structure information. But don’t expect to sit down and listen much in this workshop. You will receive a set of great markers (Neuland) and you will be practicing and experimenting the whole day. This way, you will get personal feedback and tips to further improve from our trainers, that are both experienced visual facilitators. 

After this training, you are ready to start building beautiful and effective notes, flip-charts or whiteboards boosting your meetings and conversations. 

In our training price a facilitation set of €25.00 is included.

Early bird price: €499 if you apply at least two months before the course. 


During this workshop, we will cover the following topics: 

  • A clear and readable handwriting
  • How to draw easy but great connections, frames, arrows etc to spatially structure the information
  • Different ways and flows to structure the information
  • Building your own visual symbol library
  • Visually expressing emotions, people and common activities
  • How to use colour when visualizing
  • Integrating all techniques into great visuals

Target audience

This training is for anyone who wishes to improve their skills in making meetings, discussion, info-sessions and trainings more dynamic, catchy and fun. You do not need to have any artistic drawing skills. You just need an open mind and be willing to learn something new (and fun).


No specific skills or knowledge are needed for this training.


1 day

Prix par participant

650 EUR
Tailor-made training
Each organization is unique in its identity, and no co-worker is the same. That's why we at Learnia offer our clients tailor-made courses as well.
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